Zhuxian Town is located at 20 km south of Kaifeng, Henan province. Historically, Zhuxian, jiangxi Jingdezheng, Guangdong Foshan and Hubei Hankou are four major commercial port cities in China. Zhuxian has rich cultural heritage and it is a historical and cultural town in China, and a Chinese folk culture and art village, and the origin of Chinese New Year wood-block print and Xiangfu tune of Yu opera. During the period of Ming and Qing dynasties, Zhuxian has reached the peak of prosperity. It is located at the north China sea and land transport wharf, gathering more than 200,000 populations, with unprecedented prosperity, to become the first of "china four famous towns".

In order to drive the local economic development, and convert the historical and cultural resources of unique Zhuxian to a tourism industry, Henan Kaixin Yifang Group invested to develop the project of "Zhuxianzhen national cultural eco-tourism demonstration zone", which has been started.  This project has been listed in the provincial and municipal key projects, located at the the Central Plains "3.1" golden tourist line; and Zhengmin highway, Rinan highway, 310 State Line are closed to Zhuxian town. When the project is completed, it will not only become an important complement to Kaifeng tourism resources, but also a project for Central Plains Water tourism. The project can deeply excavate the Kaifeng Zhongyuan ancient culture, and insisting on the concept of " ecological fortification, culture dream, classical, extrinsic, intrinsic fashion, to create a tourist destination of water sightseeing, entertainment, shopping, leisure, vacation activities and create a tourism complex. Its promotional words are " Henan has a zhuxianzhen", "the first town in the world".

The project covers an area of 5300 mu, and is divided into ancient town style display area, scenic spots area, spa resort area, show arts district, Yue Fei ancient battlefield, ecological farm experience area, the cultural and creative health district, ecological wetland experience district, ecological woodland tourist area and Zhuxian ten sceneries, of which, the phase I development covers nearly 700 mu of ancient street, which is one of the core areas in Zhuxian town. With the Ming and Qing architecture as a major building type, the richly historical and traditional cultures are included.

As the unique tourism complex created by water town in Central Plains, it forms a sharp contrast with the surrounding landscapes in Zhengzhou and Kaifeng and it is complementary with original landscapes, adding water in the historical Central Plains scenic spots and bringing unique experience to tourists.

The total investment of the project is about 12 billion yuan, and is divided into four stages, and shall be completed in ten years. After the completion, the whole park will show unique style of the Central Plains Water "town and lake connection, scenery and lake connection, town in the water and water in the town as a whole", to represent the spectacular sight of merchant ships day and night, brightly lit at night on both sides and abnormal scenery.

The Millennium town will present a more magnificent brilliant chapter!